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November 1st, 2021
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Why use a REALTOR®?
REALTORS® are trained professionals who bring a wealth of experience and resources to their clients, whether that client is looking to buy their first home or is a seasoned seller. Expert knowledge of the communities in which they work, the ability to accurately price and market properties, and experience in negotiating buying and selling prices are just a few of the things you can expect from a licensed REALTOR®.

Consider some of the advantages of using a REALTOR® when buying or selling:

When Buying
  • A REALTOR® has the knowledge, experience and resources to find properties in your price range and homes that match your individual needs.
  • You can get information on schools, transportation and other services in different neighbourhoods, and access the MLS® service, which provides up-to- date details on a wide variety of properties in the markets you are exploring.
  • A REALTOR® can help you understand property financing, taxes, insurance and the steps you'll have to take to complete a real estate transaction.
  • You can save substantial time by allowing the REALTOR® to "preview" properties that fit your budget and expectations. This way, you may only have to visit a handful of homes to make a wise and informed selection.
  • A REALTOR® will explain the various financing alternatives available and provide up-to-date information on interest rates and mortgage options.
  • They will act as a mediator to off-set potential conflicts between you and a seller.
  • A REALTOR® will draw up an offer to purchase and assist with all details required to make a successful transaction, including when to bring in other professionals (lawyer, lender, home inspector, insurance broker and others).
When Selling
  • A REALTOR® is an expert in effective advertising and will cover all the costs as part of their service to you
  • Your home will receive far-reaching market exposure through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®)
  • You can depend on their support every step of the way.
  • A REALTOR® will provide you with a full explanation of the selling process and what to expect from the beginning.
  • A selling price will be established in consultation with you that will appeal to buyers interested in your type of home and neighbourhood.
  • A REALTOR® will assess your home and provide you with tips on how to highlight its best features and make it more appealing.
  • A marketing plan for your home will be developed to help it sell quickly at or near the asking price. In addition to MLS® listing and advertising in the newspapers and other media, most plans will include a number of open houses.
  • A REALTOR® will save you time by separating the lookers from the buyers and ensuring that only serious buyers visit your home.
  • When an offer is received, a REALTOR® will use their knowledge and experience to negotiate an agreement on your behalf and according to your instructions.
  • If you accept an offer, the REALTOR® will participate in drawing up a legally binding contract that protects your interests, ensures any conditions to a binding agreement are fulfilled, and that all your questions and concerns are dealt with to your complete satisfaction.
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