Housing Market Quiets As Year-End Approaches
November 1st, 2022
Last month, 249 single-family homes sold in the VIREB area, a 37 per cent decrease from... more »
What does a REALTOR® do?
When you and your REALTOR® agree to work together, your REALTOR® is making a legal and professional commitment to you. Remember, not every real estate agent can call themselves a REALTOR®. REALTOR® is a trademarked term belonging to the Canadian Real Estate Association. It represents a high standard of professionalism and commitment to value for clients.

Legally, a REALTOR® is obligated to protect and promote the interest of their clients, as they would their own. REALTORS® have the following duties:
  • Provide undivided loyalty to their client.
  • Obey all lawful instructions of their client.
  • Keep the confidences of their client.
  • Exercise reasonable care and skill in performing all assigned duties.
  • Account for all money and property while acting for their client.
Professionally, a REALTOR® adheres to a strict set of standards called the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Any violations to our Code, Standards, Rules, or legislation are brought forward for investigation and disciplinary action at both the Board level and at the provincial level, through the Real Estate Council of BC.

You and your REALTOR® will work together to build a relationship. Your REALTOR® will listen to your needs and expectations, and clearly tell you what services they provide. This includes an explanation of agency, the most important aspect of the client- REALTOR® relationship. All of this will be put in writing.
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