Housing Market Quiets As Year-End Approaches
November 1st, 2022
Last month, 249 single-family homes sold in the VIREB area, a 37 per cent decrease from... more »
Preparing Your Home for Sale
When selling your home, it's more than purchase price and location that will make or break a deal. How your home looks is also very important. Your REALTOR® can give you an objective opinion of what you need to do. REALTORS® have the experience and knowledge that can help identify problem areas or suggest improvements.

In most cases, REALTORS® will not suggest major renovations. A few minor repairs here and there and a thorough cleaning are usually all that are required.

Cleaning up the homestead:
Almost all buyers are on the lookout for one thing -- a clean home. Many will walk away if a home looks uncared for, or make an offer much lower than the listing price. Ensure your home is spotless and free of clutter. The two most important rooms in a buyer's mind are the kitchen and the bathroom. Pay particular attention to these areas -- they should sparkle and shine.

Making repairs:
Some things must be repaired if there are problems. A leaky roof, electrical problems, furnaces, water heaters and plumbing all must be fixed before a sale. Other things just need attention. These can include leaky faucets, holes in window screens and any broken glass, etc. If some of your walls are too dirty to come clean, you may wish to consider a paint job. Carpets and rugs should also be clean and in good repair.

Outside and In:
Take a close look at your yard. If it’s spring or summer, prune the trees and shrubs, and keep the lawn neat. If it’s fall, rake the leaves regularly. And in the winter, make sure walks and driveways are kept clear of snow and ice.

To renovate or not to renovate:
Most renovations do not translate into an increase in selling price of more than the cost of the renovations themselves. Painting, wallpapering and modest landscape improvements usually recover their costs, but major projects such as new patios, decks or additions rarely do.