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January 2nd, 2019
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How to Pay Property Taxes
Your best source of information on how to pay your property taxes is your local government. Remember, you will need to pay by your due date, and include your Home Owner Grant
  • Online by www.epost.ca: you must first sign up for this free online Canada Post delivery service that lets you pay electronically. When you pay and claim your Home Owner Grant electronically, you’ll receive a receipt with a confirmation number.
  • In person: take your tax notice and a credit or debit card, your cheque book, a certified cheque or cash to your local government finance department. Check business hours.
  • At the drop box: located near the front entrance of most City Hall offices. There may be drop boxes in alternate locations as well.
  • By mail: your payment must arrive at City Hall by the due date on your tax notice.
  • At a financial institution: most banks and credit unions accept tax payments in person. You can also pay online or by phone through your bank or credit union. Remember to submit your Home Owner Grant form directly to City Hall.
  • Through your mortgage: your mortgage company can pay your property taxes on your behalf if you arrange for this service beforehand.
  • By installments: check with your local government to see if prepayment options are offered.