How Low Can Housing Inventory Go?
December 1st, 2021
Active listings in the VIREB area continue to drop, with demand far outpacing supply. In... more »
Help Sell
Does a commercial REALTOR® add value to a sale, or are business owners better off selling their businesses themselves? Weigh your options wisely and take note of these important considerations.

Selling a business is complex. It requires the expertise of a professional who understands the commercial market and can follow through with an aggressive marketing plan to sell your business for its maximum value. Your REALTOR® can develop a comprehensive marketing plan that far exceeds anything you can create on your own.

Your property will be put in front of buyers worldwide, providing maximum exposure. Your commercial REALTOR® will also provide REALTORS® - only tours, targeted newspaper listings, direct mail pieces, signs, advertising on CLSLink and other marketing activities.

Setting the price of your business is vital and requires extensive knowledge, training and access to the latest market information. Can you accurately gauge the value of your business in today's changing market? Can you risk pricing your business too high and discouraging potential buyers or pricing it too low and losing some of your equity?

Commercial REALTORS® are experienced negotiators. Ask yourself this: are you able to be objective while a potential buyer walks through your business pointing out flaws and potential problems? Are you able to suggest financing options to potential buyers? REALTORS® are skilled in arranging financing and closing deals. They also provide undivided loyalty in protecting your negotiating position at all times.

A commercial REALTOR® will implement marketing initiatives, advise you on market conditions and prepare your legal documents when drawing up a legally binding contract.