Are you proficient in English? English is the language used for real estate documents, education and communication in British Columbia. It’s important that you understand written and spoken English. You will need to satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement.

Have you completed your coursework? All real estate agents in BC (whether they become REALTORS® or not) must complete the following two courses to become licensed:  The Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course. This correspondence course is offered through the University of British Columbia and taken by everyone who wants to become licensed. It introduces you to all aspects the real estate profession.

One of the Residential or Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course. This applied course provides you with practical training in either commercial or residential real estate and involves 30 hours of in-class instruction. It must be completed within six months of finishing the first course, and is a requirement for licensing. The BC Real Estate Association administers these courses.

Additional coursework and training is available depending on your interests. See the UBC Sauder School of Business for more information.

Have you applied for licensing? Complete your application formCriminal Record Check, and have the brokerage you plan to work with sign your application for licensing. To become a REALTOR® this brokerage must be a member of the real estate board in your area.

Send your signed application to the Real Estate Council of BC for licensing. Once the Council has approved your application you are a real estate agent, but not yet a REALTOR®. For more information on licensing, visit the BC Financial Services Authority.

You’re ready to become a REALTOR®! The last step to becoming a REALTOR® is to join the real estate board in your area. For example, if you work on Vancouver Island North of Victoria, you would join the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board. As a member of a real estate board, you also become a member of the BC Real Estate Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Only members of CREA are entitled to call themselves REALTORS®.

Congratulations – once your application has been accepted at a real estate board, you are a REALTOR®!

Making a commitment to a career in real estate includes a number of financial considerations. Licensing course fees, licensing fees and a number of business-related expenses are just a few of the expenses you will need to consider. Contacting a real estate brokerage will give you a good idea of what to expect. </span

The BC Financial Services Authority is in charge of licensing in the province. The licensing fees are listed here.