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March 1st, 2023
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April 20th, 2012
NANAIMO, BC - Rivals in business, but team mates on the ice, REALTORS® from across Central Vancouver Island will be facing off next Thursday (April 26th) in a fund raiser for the Nanaimo Community Hospice Society. The 1st Annual Vancouver Island Real Estate Board REALTOR® Charity Hockey Game takes to the ice at the Cliff McNabb Arena at Nanaimo’s Beban Park, starting at 9:15 PM.

“Our goal is for this to be the first of many,” explained one of the event’s organizers, REALTOR® Justus Edmundson. “When we first put the idea out there that REALTORS® should put on a hockey game as a charity fund raiser I had 20 skaters and two goalies confirm within two days!”

“It’s not just a Nanaimo event either,” said fellow organizer and REALTOR® Jordan Belveal. “We’ve got players coming from Duncan and Parksville as well. By game time we’re hoping to have not just enough players for two teams, but to have some spares as well. If this were to take off I can imagine future versions being a round robin affair with more than two teams participating. But for now I’m focused on just getting this inaugural game underway.”

The volunteer players will be paying a fee to participate, using the funds to cover the ice time with the rest donated to the Hospice Society. “We don’t know how much is going to be raised this time, but I can imagine future games generating some significant funds,” Edmundson said.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out, have some fun and to do good all at the same time - everybody wins.”

For more information contact Edmundson at or Belveal at