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May 12th, 2021
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The Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) is designed in consultation with REALTORS® for REALTORS®! The program consists of a two-hour in-home session, facilitated by both an Energy Advisor (EA) and a REEP project team member.

What sets the REEP program apart is the small group format with 20 - 25 REALTORS® per session, providing an opportunity for REALTORS® to learn, ask questions and share stories. Together REALTORS® explore practical ways to incorporate energy efficiency seamlessly into the sales process. The REEP Program has scaled up for 2017 with training dates around the province!  Fill out the contact form to learn more.

Home Energy Evaluation Process

Step 1 - complete a home energy assessment with an Energy Advisor (CEA)
Step 2 - complete some or all of the recommendations to make your home more energy efficient
Step 3 - have the EA back to the home to re-evaluate
Step 4 - submit receipts and forms for rebates!

Ask your REALTOR® for more information.


A home energy evaluation provides a basement-to-attic evaluation of a home by an Energy Advisor (EA). You will learn about a home’s energy performance, how it compares to similar homes and where energy is being wasted. It gives advice on how to improve the home’s energy efficiency and also an EnerGuide rating, which is an energy efficiency score.

Why Do A home energy evaluation?

  • Potentially thousands of dollars saved for the homeowner
  • Mortgage + Improvements options
  • Reduce energy costs 1/3 - 1/2
  • More comfortable home
  • Energy Advisor helps to complete the paperwork!
  • Enhanced REALTOR® - client relationship 


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